After returning from World War II, and living with their parents, Paul and Earl Kupferer found themselves looking for new means of satisfying employment. Paul spent his service in the South Pacific as head of the general mechanics on a Patrol Torpedo boat, and Earl spent his over with the Army in Europe. Together, the two of them began Kupferer Brothers selling and fabricating hand rails and other miscellaneous metals out of their parents garage in St. Louis, Missouri in the late 40's.
     Eventually sales grew to a point where they needed more space and purchased a small production facility in South County. They encouraged their third brother, Adolph, who pursued an education in accounting, to join them as he was very good with bookkeeping. Adolph joined in 1952, the business was incorporated, and Kupferer Brothers Ornamental Iron Works, Inc. was born.
     In 1962, Paul, Earl and Adolph purchased the current 8701 Grant Road property in Crestwood, Missouri. Earl was the President and his chief responsibilities were the sales and overall management of the company. Paul was the Vice-President and managed the shop and production. Adolph was the Secretary/Treasurer and managed the company finances.
     The company continued to run under this management structure until the mid 1980's when Richard Erxleben

became a part of Kupferer Brothers. Earl and Adolph had retired from the day to day operations of the company, but remained as Board Members. A full time bookkeeper was hired and Richard took on the day to day operations. During this time, primary sales of the company became structural steel fabricating with a secondary focus on miscellaneous metals, and the company name changed to the market place Kupferer Brothers Iron Works, Inc.
     During the 1980s and 1990s, Richard doubled sales and expanded the companies market from a regional to a national market steel fabricator. Richard brought on his long time friend Jerry Benecke to handle the estimating and sales of miscellaneous metals and eventually structural steel. Jerry continued these responsibilities until he retired in 20XX. Paul Kupferer officially retired from day to day operations in 1989 but remained as Chairman of the Board.
     In 1991 Michael Vessell, a 1983 graduate of Northeast Missouri State, was hired as an estimator, project manager, and salesman. In 1998 Richard's health prevented him from continuing his role and Michael became Vice President and assumed the day to day operations of the company. On the first day of the year 2000, Michael became President and Board Member.